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7 March 2019 Video inspiration

6 Of The Top Animation Companies To Look Out For In The UK

The UK's animation scene is thriving. We have some of the world's top 2D animation studios and 3D animation companies based here! To celebrate their great work, the team at Skeleton thought we'd name-check a few of these and give them the recognition they deserve.

The UK's animation scene is thriving. Today, not only do we produce some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters here - think Star Wars and Batman for example, we also have some of the world's top animation companies based here too.

 To celebrate their existence and continued great work, the team at Skeleton thought we'd name-check a few of these and give them the recognition they deserve:

Passion Animation

Passion Animation is well loved in the UK thanks to their cute Christmas adverts. What put's their adverts apart is that they often deliver a deeper message.

A notable example of their work is their recent 2D short film with Greenpeace, based around deforestation due to palm oil. The cute style of the film, combined with a striking message, and controversy about it being denied TV broadcast for being too political, resulted in a very effective campaign. The short film also used a combination of 2D and 3D techniques to give it a unique look.  

Alongside their content marketing work, they have also worked on short and feature-length films.

Passion Animation is an important example of how a the best animation production companies can take on 2D and 3D animation - their variety of work and skill in both 3D and 2D animations is what puts them on our list of top animation production companies in the UK.


Skeleton Productions


Skeleton is a video production agency that helps businesses and brands to achieve more with video, and we have a team of skilled motion graphics specialists who bring fantastic ideas to life through 2D and 3D animation.

We are a full-service content agency, not only collaborating with brands and businesses to create video content but also helping them to create the best video strategy and optimising their video marketing and distribution to ensure it reaches all the right people.

We have a track record of producing fantastic corporate work, for internal and external use. We create adverts, promotional videos, case study videos, training videos, corporate communications and recruitment videos.

We've worked with many loved brands, such as Natwest, Boots and Experian to bring their brand story to life through animation. We believe animation is a powerful way to communicate your brand story, product, or process!

We provide more than animation services, we believe in forming collaborative partnerships that allow us to communicate your messages in the most engaging way. To do this, we take the time to understand you, your goals and your team.

Whatever animated or motion graphics content you're planning, we help you create video that speaks to your audience & curate experiences that resonate with your viewers.

Our tried and tested process, developed over 15 years of experience, ensures that we can provide you with the results you want.

The team at Skeleton are proud to be among the UK's top animation production companies, helping world-famous brands to tell their brand stories using 2D and 3D animation.

If you think we'd be the right agency to tackle your business or brand's upcoming animation project (and we're sure we'd nail it!) please get in touch! We'd love to hear from you.




Framestore is a video production studio who specialises in realistic animation services. They have worked mainly on feature films, with some TV. Although they occasionally work in 2D, they are primarily a 3D animation company.

Framestore works on long-form content and has worked with global clients, with notable examples including Fantastic Beasts.

They made our list of best animation production companies because despite being UK based, their work reaches all around the world (much like our own here at Skeleton!)


 BlinkInk is one of the top 2D animation companies in the UK. They thrive on the weird and wacky and have translated this into adverts, short films and music videos.

They are most well known for their work on the Gorillaz music videos, creating fantastic 2D and live action combos. They mainly work on short-form content, and love to create very bizarre concepts, which certainly makes their content memorable!



Studio AKA is well known to parents for their animation on pre-school animated series Hey Duggee.

Despite being a leader in 2D animation companies, they still have a good 3D department and can produce high-quality video in both areas. They like the focus of their animations to be story, design and characters, which in their case really shines through in their 2D work.

They are passionate about their artists and even showcase disregarded concepts on their website to further share their work. Each artist has their own page on the site, which is used to display the work they are most proud of.

The Skeleton team all agree that everyone needs to hear the Stick song from Hey Duggee at least ONCE in their life.

Jellyfish Pictures

2D Animation Studios in the UK

Jellyfish are a 3D animation company who also specialise in VFX.

They have a passion for Sci-fi projects and are very skilled at making visual effects look completely real.

Their main focus is animation for film and TV, and their more recent work includes Star Wars and Black Mirror. Their work is mainly long-form content, but they have dabbled with ads in the past.

At Skeleton we have a soft spot for their intricate CGI work. 


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Written by Jess Percival

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